I2U2 E-lab on LIGO Seismic Noise

This is one of  a series of interactive e-labs developed by the Department of Energy and the National Science Foundation. In this course,  you will be looking at the seismic data from LIGO in the role of a "student."

NOTE: You may either log in as guest (where you will not be able to save any info) or use the teacher login: lcominsky and password: cosmic

First, check out the online resources page and watch the the second tutorial video that shows how to access and plot the seismic data.

Then try the Data portion of the eLab - you may find it interesting to look at the seismic data near the events GW150914 (near 10 AM GMT), LVT151012 (near 10 AM GMT) and GW151226 (near 330 AM GMT). What seismic frequency range(s) should you choose to examine to see seismic events  that might interfere with the gravitational wave detections? Can you draw any conclusions from the data quality near these three events?

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